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Let’s Understand Regression Therapy and its Role in Toxic Relationships

Gain a deeper understanding of regression therapy and its role in helping you heal from toxic relationships.

The Webinar will help you:

As how toxic relationships especially in family can ruin your life in many different ways. Handling such relationships is not an easy task. No medicine can improve our relationships. However, psychotherapy and counselling can be quite effective in going deeper into the causes and then finding ways to improve such difficult relationships. The renowned speaker Ms Anita Sehgal will explain how regression therapy, a form of psychotherapy, can help in such situations to overcome toxic relationships and live amicably and happily in life.

About the Speaker


Anita Sehgal

Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and transpersonal Regression Therapist

Life Coach, hypnotherapist and transpersonal regression therapist, a chakra aligner with more than 40 years of experience of dealings with the personnel in the corporate sector and as a therapist. She is also practicing regression therapy to deal with emotional relationships, financial, social issues, fears and phobias, accidents, past life regression etc.


Regression therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves revisiting past experiences and memories, typically from childhood, to identify and address any unresolved emotional issues or traumas that may be impacting a person's current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

In the context of toxic relationships, regression therapy can be helpful in identifying the root causes of the toxic behavior patterns that may be present. By exploring past experiences and relationships, regression therapy can help individuals understand how their past experiences may have contributed to their current patterns of behavior and relationships. For example, a person who grew up with a parent who was emotionally distant or abusive may have learned to cope with these experiences by developing a defensive or avoidant approach to relationships. These coping mechanisms may have carried over into their adult relationships, leading to patterns of behavior that are toxic and detrimental to their relationships.

Through regression therapy, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of how their past experiences may be contributing to their current relationship patterns. By addressing and resolving any unresolved emotional issues related to these past experiences, individuals can gain greater insight into their behaviors and make positive changes in their relationships.