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Counselling, Therapy & Alternate Solutions

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Mental Health Assesment

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Adopting Institutions for Mental Well being

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Improve your mental health with The Mind Therapy solutions, personalized therapies, support groups, and expert-led workshops and webinars.

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One-on-One Counselling / Therapy

Counselling, Psychotherapy including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and individual “Practice Sessions” on mental health issues.

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Alternate & Holistic Solutions

Tailored solutions relating to Nutrition, Diet, Naturopathy, Ayurveda and practice sessions of Yoga, and Meditation to benefit Mental health Well-being

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Mental Health Assessment

Evaluate and assess your Mental Health Conditions like Stress Level, Anxiety and Depression

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Online Workshops and Webinars

Our Experts and Guest Speakers in workshops and webinars to enrich about Mental Well-being.

mental health & stress symptoms and solutions

Free Test To Judge Your Mental Health

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Often we find ourselves unaware or uncertain about the mental health issues we may be facingand their extent. We are here to assist you in comprehending your mental wellbeing by utilizing internationally recognized assessment “Online assessment tools”

Choose Your Counselling / Therapy Package

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Special Package

for students and women


Rs. 1699/- 

3 sessions

Rs. 3499/- 

6 sessions

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Standard Package

Rs. 2199/- 

3 sessions

Rs. 4499/- 

6 sessions

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Special Package

for Cognitive Behavior Therapy


(for specific mental health issue and            chronic stress) 

Rs. 4799/- 

6 CBT sessions

Our Mental Health Services & Solutions

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"Get A Reply about Your Mental Health from our Counsellor Psychologist"

mental health & stress symptoms and solutions

Deeper you go,
Richer you emerge

Digital Library

Free and Easy Access to wide range of Essays, Books and Videos on Mental Health & Mindful living.

mental health & stress symptoms and solutions

Indulge and improve your knowledge by Joining our

Digital Library

Free and Easy Access to a wide range of Essays, Books,
and Videos on Mental Health & Mindful Living.

Exploring Life

From managing our mind and thoughts to many other mental, spiritual and philosophical aspects of life are compiled beautifully in a large-sized and graphic designed book on art paper. Read more on mental health, mindfulness, managing life under adversity, philosophy of life, happiness, human suffering, modern-day maladies, and so on.

Listen to our clients!

Tushar Mishal ( 41, M ) India

The session was absolutely fantastic & it enlightened me about my problem. Mrs. Shubhi is a very professional counsellor

Karen ( 19 ) Nigeria

I felt heard. I felt understood for the first time. The sessions were very healing. I have found hope.

Seba Noor ( 27, F ) Saudi Arabia

The sessions were very nice and relieving. The counselling was very practical.

Muntaha Farzin Jowa ( 19 ) Bangladesh

The therapist was perfect and friendly. The experience with Mind Therapy was amazing. It was very user friendly.

Kalash ( 21, F ) India

The session was extremely enlightening and made me full of confidence. My life will transform in the coming years with constant support from the counsellor.

Aryen ( 22, M ) India

Session was good. It was very helpful, it helped me to find my problem

Sukhman India

Thank you for all the concern shown by the Mind Therapy portal. Finally there is someone who does care about people’s mental health.

Reena Ahuja ( 47, F ) India

The session was extremely helpful. The counsellor was very polite and she helped me to get back on track

Shaik Sajida ( 39, F ) Hyderabad

It’s nice to know that someone cares for you, someone is devoting their time for you. I would love to continue sessions with her

Riya ( 60, F ) Jhansi

Thank You so much The Mind Therapy for making an initiative to help people like us, helping in improving mental health conditions.

Pallavi ( 21, F ) Muzzaffarpur

She guided me properly. I was confused about what to do, she gave me her time and understood my problem clearly.

Vidya Bandgar ( 25, F ) India

The counsellor made me very comfortable and listened to my problem carefully. She was very calm and helpful.

Pratibha ( 23, F ) India

She had a positive attitude throughout the session. She handled my situation very calmly. Thank you for helping me and boosting up my confidence

Sameer ( 20, M ) India

The counselling session was very helpful. Ms Rubina is a very kind and helping counsellor. I was having a lot of stress issues. She gave me certain tips to alleviate some stress.

Divya Bharti ( 22, F ) India

My overall experience with The Mind Therapy is really good. The counsellor was very supportive.Generally I used to hesitate while talking to others. She made me so comfortable that I completely opened up in front of her.

Mehek ( 21, F ) India

The session was so good and very comfortable and freeing to talk. The counsellor is a very good listener. Overall the counselling is so good and affordable.

Jody ( 35 ) Ethiopia

Hi there, thank you for letting me know how my health is. By your guidance and your deep thinking, I am taking therapy. I finally feel happy after years of struggle with my mental health.

Nini ( 19, F ) India

I really appreciate the way she handled me. I was very depressed and demotivated. She recognised the reason behind my depression and helped me to get out of it. After the session I feel very positive and energetic

Anna Ali ( 23, F ) India

The counselling was amazing. The counsellor addressed my issues sincerely and gave me appropriate solutions. I really liked the part about how confidence is different from appearance.

Amogelang ( 21 ) South Africa

Ms Suri made it very easy for me to open up. The session helped me in expressing my emotions that I have been bottling up for a really long time. My experience with Mind Therapy was really good.

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