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Spritual Talk

Art and Science of Meditation

Learn how to gain control over your mind and the life you lead through meditation. Also know the art of doing it (guided meditation)

The Spiritual Talk will help you:

As to how we can overcome life’s adversities and tough times by becoming mentally tough and emotionally resilient. Often, we have seen people succumbing to life’s pressures because they don’t know how to manage their mind and thoughts. This Spiritual Talk will enlighten you to become self-aware, mindful and emotionally stable by practicing mindfulness-based meditation.

About the Speaker

Balvinder Kumar

Writer & Founder

While undertaking a meaningful as well as a challenging journey as being an IAS officer for over 4 decades, my deep interest in spirituality arose mid-way. After practicing meditation for last 22 years and writing 4 books on spirituality and philosophy of life – ‘Man’s Spiritual Journey’, ‘Awakening the Thinking Mind’, ‘Redesign your Life in Modern Age’ & ‘Exploring Life’ I have set up “Mind Therapy”.

Since the modern-day maladies are rising at an alarming rate, I thought of disseminating my ideas and thoughts for promoting mental well-being and addressing the issues of mental health conditions. The emphasis is on ‘holistic healing’ through allopathy-based solutions blended with other scientifically proven ‘alternate’ & integrative solutions.

The mindfulness movement is increasingly gaining popularity across the world. It's already a multi-billion-dollar industry. Meditation and yoga, two ancient practices, are now among the most popular alternative health practices in many parts of the world including the United States. Likewise, various forms of meditation, including mindfulness-based meditation, are becoming popular in India among a large segment of society.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, an American professor emeritus of medicine and the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA, is responsible for making mindfulness a global movement. People have started realizing its potential for humanity as a whole. Kabat-Zinn famously remarked in a 2019 publication, "we have the potential to ignite a global renaissance catalysed by the cultivation of mindfulness and heartfulness at this critical juncture in the arc of human evolution and development." According to him, the cause of dissatisfaction and distress among us lies in our heads, and it's a 'thinking disease.'

Meditation is nothing but a practice that leads us to undertake the inner journey. When we meditate, we observe our mind and the stream of incessant thoughts that arise in our mind, we become serene and quiet. Even under challenging and tough times, meditation gives us the resilience to overcome that period. If we are at peace with our minds and can manage our thoughts well, we can surely become enlightened. Through meditation, we can significantly increase our level of self-awareness, which is an essential part of inner governance.

In the session, Balvinder Kumar, a retired IAS officer and the founder of Mind Therapy, a digital platform will explain the significance of mindfulness-based meditation in our lives. How this simple but very effective technique can transform our life in many different ways. He will explain as how we can do meditation without any teacher or formal training at home.