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Our Team Of Naturopathy Doctors

Dr Kartik Payilla

Dr Kartik Payilla

Naturopath Expert
He is Bachelor in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS) and currently working as Chief Medical Officer, SLNS Nature Cure Hospital in Telangana, who is specialized in integrative medicine, prevention and reversal of auto-immune

1 Session

30 Minutes

Price Per Session ₹600
Vishnu Dutt

Vishnu Dutt

Naturopath Expert
Post-graduate in anthropology from Delhi University, Diploma in Naturopathy, yoga, acupressure (gold medallist). He has been delivering talks on naturopathy, yoga, acupressure, sound therapy and healing by mantra. His primary thrust is on wholistic healing especially for those who suffer from mental health conditions.

1 Session

60 Minutes

Price per Session ₹600

Naturopathy and its Role in Mental Health Conditions

Naturopathy- the mind therapy

The innate potential of the body to cure itself is emphasised in naturopathy, a holistic approach to healing. In order to treat the root causes of sickness and advance general wellbeing, it incorporates a variety of natural therapies, including diet, herbal medication, exercise, and stress-reduction methods.

Naturopathy provides a thorough and integrated approach to treating mental health issues that takes into account the interdependence of the mind, body, and spirit. It acknowledges that a variety of genetic,
environmental, physiological, and lifestyle factors frequently interact to cause mental health problems.
Naturopathy seeks to support mental wellbeing and enhance the quality of life for people dealing with mental health issues by treating these underlying causes.

The following are some essential facets of naturopathy and how they can improve mental health:

Nutrition: A balanced diet is essential for promoting mental wellness. A nutrient-rich diet that includes whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and vital fatty acids is emphasised by naturopathic doctors. They might also spot any nutritional deficits and suggest the right supplements to get things back in balance.

Herbal medicine: A variety of mental health issues can be treated with herbal treatments. Some plants have been used for centuries to enhance mood stabilisation, anxiety reduction, and relaxation. According to a patient’s needs, naturopathic doctors may prescribe particular herbs or herbal combinations.

Changes in Lifestyle: Naturopathy emphasises the importance of lifestyle decisions in maintaining mental wellness. To help with mood improvement, stress reduction, and overall mental health, practitioners may advise regular exercise, stress management methods (such yoga or meditation), and appropriate sleep.

Mind-Body Techniques: Naturopathy acknowledges the relationship between the mind and body and
promotes the use of mind-body techniques to treat mental health issues. Cognitive-behavioral therapy,
mindfulness exercises, and relaxation techniques are a few examples of methods that can be used to reduce stress, ease depression or anxiety symptoms, and strengthen emotional resiliency.

Individualised Approach: Naturopathic doctors adopt a personalised approach, taking into account each
patient’s particular situation and medical background. Instead of only treating the symptoms, they seek to discover and deal with the underlying causes of mental health difficulties. This method enables the creation of personalised treatment regimens that meet each patient’s unique requirements.

It’s essential to keep in mind that naturopathy should work in conjunction with traditional medicine, not as a substitute. It is therefore necessary to speak with a skilled healthcare expert who can offer complete advice and support if someone is struggling with mental health issues.